Dogrib Fire Abstracts

Last week when I headed out to the Ya Ha Tinda to see if I could get some sunset images I took a little detour to the north along Yara Ck to see what wildlife I could see.  all I saw were some wild horses far off.  However, I noticed the the burned trees from the Dogrib fire and the new growth under them.  I saw some potential for some abstract images.  What do you think of them?

I also like the environmental image they create, the new growth that occurs after fire.  Fires have always been a way for nature to regenerate.  The seeds of the lodgepole do not open unless exposed to the intense heat of a fire.  I think this particular fire came through the area over 10 years ago.  I remember the concern those of us living west of Sundre were starting to have if the fire continued out of control and burned eastward.

16February10_untitled_1061LR resizedcopy16February10_untitled_1068LR resizedcopy16February10_untitled_1070LR resizedcopy16February10_untitled_1071LR resizedcopy

16February10_untitled_1066LR resizedcopy

Further on along the Ya Ha Tinda road I saw the otherside of the Dogrib fire and shot these images.  They are a different look than the others.  More black and white and more stark.  But the new growth is there also.

16February10_untitled_1074-EditLR resizedcopy

16February10_untitled_1072LR resizedcopy

16February10_untitled_1075LR resizedcopy



Ireland Panoramas

I really like cropping some landscapes so they look like a panorama.  These images of the Doolin area of Ireland I think really lent themselves to the cropping.  I really like these images for the mood the overcast skies create.  The green of Ireland also comes out in these shots.  15September17_untitled_1119LR-2 resizedcopy_edited-1Stones…everywhere in Ireland.  Make for great foreground in photos.

15September17_untitled_1120LR-2 resizedcopy_edited-1The Cliffs of Mohr

15September17_untitled_1123LR-2 resziedcopy_edited-1Notice the castle tower just to the right of centre?  They are everywhere in Ireland.

Overcast, dull light

Strapped on the snow shoes and went for a walk this morning.  I was hoping the chinook had not eaten up all of the snow.  I took my camera even though it was overcast and the light was very dull.  That kind of light is flat with very little contrast,  certainly not great for great blue sky landscape vistas.  At times like that instead of looking at landcapes I focus in closer looking for unique closeups and “high key” images.

Here are three of my favorite from the morning walk.  And yes there was still enough snow in places for the snow shoes, though  I am afraid skiing is done until we get more snow.

16January31_untitled_1069LR resziedcopy

16January31_untitled_1084LR resizedcopy

16January31_untitled_1129LR resizedcopy

Sunday Picking


Trying to get back into posting photos here.  Took this one of my wife and friend having some fun playing on Sunday.  I was shooting in the livingroom with limited lights.  The original image was not great, but with a little help in lightroom and some creative cropping I got a nice image.  I lowered the colour to give it this look.  This also shows what I often tell students you do not have to show all of the person to create an image.

Plunging into Black and White

For a personal project this winter for the local camera club I decided I would explore black and white.  I added Nik software to my Lightroom and Photoshop.  I love the presets the software provides.  All of the following images were processed in Nik using a preset and then adding a few little tweaks, such as a yellow filter to darken the blue skies and lighten the grain crops.  I am thrilled with the results so far -so expect to see a lot more black and white this winter.  I hate to say it but I am looking forward to those awesome contrasty days with white snow and blue sky.

Approacing storm Old and new Prairie storm near Carbon, Alberta