Dogrib Fire Abstracts

Last week when I headed out to the Ya Ha Tinda to see if I could get some sunset images I took a little detour to the north along Yara Ck to see what wildlife I could see.  all I saw were some wild horses far off.  However, I noticed the the burned trees from the Dogrib fire and the new growth under them.  I saw some potential for some abstract images.  What do you think of them?

I also like the environmental image they create, the new growth that occurs after fire.  Fires have always been a way for nature to regenerate.  The seeds of the lodgepole do not open unless exposed to the intense heat of a fire.  I think this particular fire came through the area over 10 years ago.  I remember the concern those of us living west of Sundre were starting to have if the fire continued out of control and burned eastward.

16February10_untitled_1061LR resizedcopy16February10_untitled_1068LR resizedcopy16February10_untitled_1070LR resizedcopy16February10_untitled_1071LR resizedcopy

16February10_untitled_1066LR resizedcopy

Further on along the Ya Ha Tinda road I saw the otherside of the Dogrib fire and shot these images.  They are a different look than the others.  More black and white and more stark.  But the new growth is there also.

16February10_untitled_1074-EditLR resizedcopy

16February10_untitled_1072LR resizedcopy

16February10_untitled_1075LR resizedcopy



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