Morant’s Curve, CPR mainline, Lk. Louise, AB.

Morant's Curve on the CPR mainline.

Morant’s Curve on the CPR mainline.

This week I was finally able to photograph this iconic spot along the Bow Valley Parkway in Banff NP.  I have seen a lot of photos of it on various photo sharing sites.  What makes this spot so intriguing to me is the old CPR tourist poster that I looked at often as a kid.  My dad was a CPR telegrapher in small town Sask.  When I would go to the station to see him I would often sit and look at the tourist posters that were hung in the waiting room.  I found the romance of the posters appealing and would dream of visiting the Rockies.  Using my Father’s yearly travel pass the family took several trips through the Rockies to visit relatives on the West Coast.  As the train traveled through the Rockies I would sit and stare out the window in awe.  Sadly the CPR no longer runs passenger trains along this route.  It was one of the most beautiful passenger train routes in the world.  At the time little did I dream I would one day be living so close to the Rockies.  Perhaps those early childhood dreams are why I still love to be in the mountains camping, hiking, skiing or just being there.

IM-BVP - Morant's primary

CPR tourism promotion poster

CPR tourism promotion poster


2 thoughts on “Morant’s Curve, CPR mainline, Lk. Louise, AB.

  1. We are so bless to live in a Province of Alberta. The beauty of nature is like no other. You captured the special site just perfect.

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