52/52 Week 15: Summer

The local camera club had “signs of summer” for their weekly photo challenge and it got me thinking.  Here in central Alberta it is hard sometimes to know when it is summer -some years it never really ever gets to be the summer we want.

For me lots of little things start to get me thinking (and hoping) for summer:

-summer birds such as goldfinches and hummingbirds around the yard

-BBQ every night

-checking out the fishing gear, seeing if I have enough flies or if anything needs repaired

-getting the trailer ready for the summer

-planning the summer fishing and hiking trips

-CFL training camp and the anticipated first game

-it used to include the final report cards and the final days of school (not anymore, haha)

-coffee on the deck every morning

-shorts on first thing in the morning

-turning the pool heater on every morning

-cows and calves in the pasture, and opening and closing the gate

But I really realize it is summer when I can start photographing my wife’s flower garden.  I find it so enjoyable to spend an hour every morning wandering around the yard photographing whatever has started to bloom that morning.  She has designed her garden so the there is something blooming early in the year such as crocuses and late in the summer such as sunflowers, so there is always something new to shoot.

Sweet William or Purple Rocket is one of the early summer bloomers.




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