52/52: Week 14 Dandelions

In an earlier post I talked about how we hate rust on our vehicles, lawn furniture, etc. but for photographs it is great.  Well the same goes for the dandelion.  I do not know of another flowering plant that is so hated.  We poison it, we dig it, and we curse it on our neighbour’s lawn because we know all those seeds are coming to grow new dandelions on our lawn next spring.  All the effort and money we spend on getting rid of this little yellow flower seems wasted when next spring there seems to be even more sprouting all over our lawn.  And yet…have you ever gotten down on your belly and looked closely at a dandelion?  They are actually quite pretty.  And…after a long cold winter with so much dreary dead brown everywhere those first bright, sunshine like yellow flowers in the spring are such a welcome relief.  When we see our first dandelions we know spring with all the promise that it holds is not far off.

From a photographers point of view those little yellow flowers are my first flower shots, again with the promise of so many more flower images to be made the rest of the spring and summer.  However I have had trouble capturing great images of them.  There are so many of them!  Yellow is also a colour that my cameras seem to have trouble with.  Also the processed images look rather drab on my laptop and yet on my separate monitor they are closer to the bright cheerful yellow that the flowers show.

Dandelions also are part of my family’s memories.  My grandmother when she first arrived in Canada from Ukraine lived with a family in Winnipeg.  One day she was alone, the family having gone somewhere for the day.  Grandma decided to do some gardening.  When the family came home all of their poppies were pulled and piled in the compost pile and all the dandelions were nicely cultivated and watered.  Poppies were a weed in Eastern Europe and dandelions were grown as an edible plant.  I have never eaten dandelions.  I have heard they are tasty.



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