52/52 Week 13; Ya Ha Tinda/Bighorn Falls

The Ya Ha Tinda Ranch lies west of Sundre, NW of Calgary.  It butts right up to Banff National Parks eastern boundary.  The ranch is owned by the National Parks of Canada.  In the past it was where back country patrol horses were raised and trained.  Since there are few horse patrols anymore the herd of horses is very small.  The local elk herds are far larger.

The Bighorn falls are a waterfall on the Bighorn Creek to the east of the main ranch buildings.

The area in my opinion is one of the most scenic places in Alberta.  There are photo ops everywhere you look, from incredible mountain vistas, to wildlife, to intimate landscapes, to wildflowers, and even an area that had a forest fire 10 years ago.  The views to the west easily rival the views of Lake Louise or Moraine Lake, but with a whole lot less people.  That is one of the advantages of the rough and rugged gravel road to the ranch.

I have made the vow to spend a whole lot more time in the area this year.  I hope you won’t tire of seeing photos from the Ya Ha Tinda, because I won’t tire of shooting the area.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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