52/52: Week 11, Trindad, Cuba, People

If you follow this blog you know I intended to post a photo or more every week.  I have missed a few weeks.  I have a good excuse, I was in Cuba for 2 weeks.  If you have ever been to Cuba you know the internet is very poor.  So I will try to catch up this week.  I can assure you I did take lots of photos so I was kind of following my commitment of a photo a week.  I’ll share many of the Cuba photos with you in the blogs to come.  For this post I have chosen to show a few of the people I encountered in my walk around Trinidad.  If you ever get to Cuba you owe it to yourself to take a tour to Trinidad.  Trinidad just celebrated its 500th birthday.  It was originally a sugar plantation town.  It is now being preserved by the Cuban government and UNESCO as a world heritage site.  The photo ops are endless.  People are friendly (and not as pushy as I hear Havana is getting).  Bed and Breakfasts are numerous. Cafes are superb.  And night life fun -have a pina colda made in a real pineapple.

The man on the donkey and the guitar player in the images below simply asked for a peso for me to take their photo.  The girl was celebrating her 15th birthday -a huge production for Cuban girls.  It is kind of like a “coming of age” celebration.  She was more than happy to let me photograph her. 



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