52/52: Week 8 Old Machine

The theme for this week’s photo contest for the Old’s Camera Club was old machinery.  I had wanted to get out and shoot an old combine I have seen in an field, but there is still too much snow to be walking through ditches.  So I turned my sights to this old sewing machine.  My son got it at an auction sale for $25.  My wife cleaned it up.  The metal was very tarnished and the wood terribly stained.  It really turned out well.  It now decorates our living room.  The quilt you see sitting on it was a pillow top sewn by my wife’s great grandmother.  The machine is missing a belt otherwise it would still work just fine.  The cabinet still had the original instruction book in it, and tells us it was bought in 1947.  How many modern machines will last that long?  The research my wife did on the internet suggests they sell now for around $400.

I am pleased with the images I got.  Might have to make some greeting cards from one or two of them.  Weekly themes, assignments or projects have forced me to look for and think about possible images.  Without this week’s theme I would never have taken the time to shoot the sewing machine.  In doing so I learned more about my new camera lenses and their capabilities.Image





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