52/52: Week 7, Peekaboo Moose

Did you ever notice how the things you see and do everyday can become ordinary and routine?  I have to constantly remind myself of that.  We live in a truly great place.  We have incredible scenery and wildlife in our backyards.  Every morning I am greeted with an ever changing beautiful view of the mountains to the west.  Wildlife moose, deer, elk, fox and yes even coyotes roam freely across my land.  People from around the world pay top dollar to travel to Alberta to visit the mountains and are thrilled to see a moose or elk along the side of the highway.

While driving home Friday I spotted a cow moose with her two calves just across the road from our place.  As I drove by I was absent mindedly thinking I was glad to see she had survived a tough winter, but I was also hoping she would keep her young out of our yard where they damage our bushes.  I have never understood why our bushes are so much better than the huge acres of wild willow that grow all around us.  Then I realized I had my camera bag with me and I have not had much chance to try out my new 70-300 zoom lens.  I turned around and parked on the side of the road across from them and proceeded to capture some images.  I was getting perturbed that they were staying inside the willows and were not giving me a clear shot.  As I started looking at the images in my view screen I realized I was getting some cute shots of them playing peekaboo with me.  While not uncluttered images the ones I was getting were perhaps better.  In fact the one clean shot I got of one of the calves is not as captivating as the ones in the willows.

I enjoyed my half hour with them.  They never seemed too concerned that I was there and would occasionally look up and “peek” at me with a look that seemed to say, “Oh you still here.”  Rather than snapping photos I spent a half hour observing and sharing time with them (at least that is how I felt -not sure what they felt…)


Moose nose. “You still here?”



Peekaboo! Can you see me now?





DSC_0949 resziedcopy



DSC_0913 resizedcopy

Keeping an eye on me


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