52/52: Week 6. Love

Love is the first word that comes to mind when I look at this week’s image.  The love a child gives unconditionally to parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts or uncles.  How can you not look into those eyes and not feel love or at least a warm glow.  Andre was not feeling 100% and was very happy to let grandma gently rock him and quietly sing to him.

I love how this image turned out.  Andre was side/back lit.  I took the exposure close in on his face.  The result is his face is very nicely exposed with the background over exposed, but by limiting the amount of background it simply creates a pleasant glow around his head.

I love my new camera and lens.  I am still playing with the 50mm lens.  In this case I used f1.8 to give a shallow depth of field and I focused on his eyes.

I love how I am expanding my photo skills.  I always considered myself an outdoor landscape photographer.  People photos scared me.  Mine tended to look posed with the subjects looking very uncomfortable.  Through camera club assignments, new gear and wanting to try something new I am becoming more proficient at people images.


Bonus images:




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