52/52: Strumming

While my wife was playing her guitar I was playing with my new lens.  This image was taken with the 50mm at f1.8.  I love the shallow depth of field I get with it.  Anyone who is taking people images really should have a 50mm prime.  I processed the original and then played around with it to get an HDR/grungy look.  Since I had not taken bracketed images I simply used the sliders in shadows and highlights in PSElements.  I really like the look I got.  To me it has a painting look.


Here is the original processed image before the HDR look.


Bonus image.  Spring Thunder Storm  While this image was not taken this week I rediscovered it and processed it this week.  It really was not that effective as a colour image.  The conversion to B&W really made it “pop”.  There is great detail and contrast in the clouds.  With the temperature hovering around the -25 with a brutal east wind today it kind makes you wish we were watching those spring thunderstorms.



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