52/52: Week 2. Childhood Wonder


My grandson discovered a sunbeam.  He spent a minute or more (a long time for a 9 month old) moving his hand in and out of the sunlight.  He was fascinated with it.  He eventually picked up one of his blocks and held it in the light.  Oh the wonder and excitement for children as they discover the world around them.  Is there a lesson there for all of us adults?  You bet.  Perhaps we need to slow down and see the world through the freshness and awe of a child’s eyes.  Take a few minutes this week and look at a sunbeam.

All of this kind of reminded me of the comic strip Hi and Lois where the little girl used to sit and visit with the sunbeam.

Have a good week seeing wonderful things.  And I promise this blog is not just going to be about my grandson (lol).   I will find other subjects to explore with my camera

Bonus imageImage


One thought on “52/52: Week 2. Childhood Wonder

  1. Totally fine with me if it is all about Andre! He’s so lovely . . I got to meet him in Sobeys a couple of weeks ago when Caroline was grocery shopping.

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