52/52: Week 1 (plus bonus)

Instead of a photo a day (365/365) like a lot of folks do I am going to try a photo a week.  And I know it is not the beginning of a year, but it is the beginning of a new month.  So let’s start off with an image of my grandson sleeping.  I love the bright blanket that draws your eyes up to him.  I love of he sleeps so peacefully on his back with arms spread.  He also likes to pull his blanket up to his face or often right over his face.


Andre with his guardian elephant.



Now because I did not get started on this at the beginning of the year I am going to include 2 bonus images from back in January.  The first is of barn in the local area.  I shot it at 11AM so the sky and background was uninteresting.  So by playing with a texture overlay I was able to take a drab image and add some interest to it.


The second bonus image is of a January sunrise.  I had been looking at this spot for a long time as a great photo op.  I headed out this morning to get some orange sunrise sky behind the trees.  However, there were no clouds this morning to create the orange sunrise.  Instead this image presented itself.  I love the blending of the blues from light to dark and of course what can one say about the moon being right there.  Both these images show that “you can’t always get what you want…”, but sometimes you can get something you were not expecting.



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