Chester Lake Larch

Chester Lake Larch

Chester Lake Larch

Chester Lake Larch

September 21 I had the great fortune to be able to hike into Chester Lake with 2 great lady hiking partners.  What more could I guy ask for?  Well how about a great warm day the end of Sept.?  We hiked all day in shorts and t-shirts.  How about great blue skies for great photos?  I used my polarizer all day and captured some awesome blue skies.  How about autumn colours at their prime?  The larch were stunning in their fall colours.  Larch are the only coniferous tree to have their needles turn golden yellow and fall off.  As you can see from the photos they were at their prime for our hike.

I hiked and backpacked into Chester Lk. in the Kananaskis Country 35 years ago and for the last two summers I have wanted to revisit the area.  Last year the area was closed because of a grizzly in the area and earlier this summer the trail was still snow bound.  The area is a frequent area for grizzlies and so you should check the trail status before you plan on a trip.  At the lake there was a huge area that had been dug up by bears seeking out glacier lilies.  Glacier lilies must be like candy for bears because they seem to really search them out and then gorge themselves on them.  35 years ago I took a great photo of a field of glacier lilies in full bloom beside the lake.  Little did I know at the time that I was standing in a grizzly banquet.

Photo info: both images were shot with my polarizer on to enrich the colours.  The first one was processed as an HDR in photomatix and then tweaked a little more in Photoshop elements 9.  The second was only processed in elements first as a RAW image and then further processed in elements.  In both cases I increased the yellow colour saturation a little.


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