Spring is here (I hope)

I decided to give the Cuba images a rest. For some of you in different locations around the world you are saying to yourself, “Spring is here?  It has been here for a month.”  Well spring in Western Canada can start in March and take until June to get started, with +20 temperatures one day and the next day snow.  One of the first signs of spring starting of course is the pussy willow and the crocus.  The crocus is a hardy little flower that combats the cold nights and possible snow and frost by growing low to the ground to capture ground heat.  The plants are also covered with tiny hairs that help insulate the plant.  So to photograph them you have to get low.  I lay on my stomach for this shot.  I have also found that shooting with back light really highlights the fine hairs, making them glow.   Of course I always use a polarizing filter when shooting flowers to reduce glare.  These are not wild crocuses, but are in my wife’s garden.  This far west in the foothills we do not normally see wild crocuses.  They are more common on the prairies.

Come on spring…




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