“Good looking out my back door”

My apologies to CCR for stealing their line.  The last year or so I have been trying to shoot more images in my own backyard.  I have read a lot of photographic authors over the years such as Freeman Patterson and Courtney Milne who encourage readers to explore the world that was close at hand.  They said you did not need exotic locations to create great images.  Patterson spent a lot of years shooting the woods around his home in New Brusnwick, while Milne shot a pond in his backyard.  I am blessed to live on a quarter section of land that over the seasons always provide me with inspiring scenes.  Darlene’s flower garden has always been one of my favorite places to spend summer mornings or evenings shooting.  This winter I have sat a lot of mornings eating my cereal admiring the incredible sunrises I see out my east door and windows.  So when the local camera club suggested sunrises and sunsets for our next assignment I grabbed my camera and made the big trek out to my deck and grabbed these sunrises.

I bracketed all of my shots, 0, +2 and -2.  I then combined them in photomatix.  I uploaded them to photoshop and cropped a little and tweaked the contrast with either levels or curves.  Finally hue and saturation brought out the subtle pinks that my camera seemed to miss.  The oranges in sunrises seem to really dominant over the pinks.

So, you do not have to go to the tropics to get great sunrise images.  Don’t get me wrong I am not going to pass up a trip to the tropics to shoot sunrises on my deck.  I am always amazed at how fast the colour show changes with sunrises.  The above image was only 5 minutes after the first two.  If you sleep in you will get up and not be aware of what you might have missed.  That is also why I like this time of year, sunrises are when I am up.  For some reason I never seem to see those sunrises in June.  Wonder why?


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