I love Photomatix

I love Photomatix.  My photography has taken a new leap, allowing me to explore exciting HDR photography.  I have talked about Photomatix in an earlier post.  I bought a new tripod on Tuesday from London Drugs, more about that later, so I thought I would give it a try out this weekend.  Sat. I got up before dawn hoping to catch some sunrise images.  I got the tripod set up before 8AM.  I set my camera to aperture priority and set it to f8, I selected auto bracketing with plus/minus 2 and waited for the sky show.

Below you see one set of the results of my efforts on Sat.

normal exposure:

normal exposure

+2 exposure:

2 + exposure

2 minus exposure:

2 minus exposure

…And now the three exposures blended in photomatix:

photomatix blended HDR

… and some Photoshopping to crop and create a panorama look:

photoshop cropped to look like a panorama


4 thoughts on “I love Photomatix

  1. Dirk, I am not sure HDR is suitable for city lights at night. HDR is designed to show the full range of light that the eye sees and the camera cannot capture. Using my sunrise shots as examples, if I want the sky colour the foreground will be lost and if I want the foreground the sky will be washed out. When you are shooting night lights you want the lights bright and everything else black. Unless you want the lights and to see shadow details then yes HDR is the way to go. You can load a trial version of Photomatix for free. It is exactly the same as the one you would buy except it has a watermark embedded in the images. So you can play and experiment all you want before you lay down the $30 or $100. Let me see some of your results. Good shooting. Hey you staying warm over there? Hate to tell you we are setting records here for high temperatures, +12.

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