Weekly Photos: Merging Images With Photomatix

I recently downloaded the Photomatix program.  It is used to merge 3 or more images to create one with a “perfect” exposure.  This is especially useful when you are trying to capture a landscape with huge ranges in exposure between the sky and the ground.  I have used Photoshop elements, but it is difficult to use.  I found Photomatix so easy.  I was able to create an acceptable image with simply allowing the program to automatically do its “stuff”.  I did not even delve into the various controls that the Photomatix provides to tweak the merging.

I am very impressed with the software itself.  You download the program from the Photomatix website.  There are 2 programs available, a basic one for $39 and a pro level for $99 (US).  Before you pay for the program the web advices that you download a trial version to test.  The trial has no time limit.  With the trial when you print there will be a small watermark inserted.  When you do decide to subscribe the company allows you to save the program onto portable memory devices and to download it into any of your other computers.

If you do a lot of landscapes and find your skies blown out because you exposed for the foreground or you have the sky just right but the ground is way too dark give Photomatix trail a test run.  I know you will be impressed.

Summer storm, exposed for the midtones

Summer storm, exposed for sky

Summer storm, exposed for ground

Summer storm, photomatix merged image


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