Textures to create photographic art

I recently came across two web sites where the photographers have used textures to create beautiful photographic art.   The first is Angie Cramer.  Check out her flickr site, flickr.com/photos/angiecramer/.  Angie has created some beautiful images of old buildings on the prairies.

Angie Cramer

Angie Cramer

Angie Cramer

The second is Nancy Hawkins.  Her flickr site is, http://www.flickriver.com/photos/nancyhawkins/  and her blog site is, nancyhawkinsphotography.blogspot.com.  Nancy has also used old buildings and texture to create beautiful images, but she also has created works of art using flowers and a guitar.

Nancy Hawkins

Nancy Hawkins

Nancy Hawkins

Nancy Hawkins

While the theory to creating a photo using textures is simple the actual task takes some talent.  When I played around with the technique my results were definitely not photographic art.  The process is to layer a texture image over your photo, reduce the opacity and voila.  Sort of.  When I looked closer at Angie and Nancy’s images I realized it takes a special image to create great textured image.   If you look at the lady’s images you will see that they are simple images, a single flower or a single building with very little extra details.  Many of the building images were taken on overcast, flat light days, the kind of conditions that would not normally have created a great image.  But textures will turn those images into beautiful images.

Take a browse through Angie and Nancy’s images and be inspired.


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