Weekly Photo: Kananaskis Grizzly

original image

photoshopped enlarged and exposure corrected

It has been awhile since I posted photos.  I still need to do part 2 of my inspirations.  I have not had time to create a long post so I thought I would do a quick photo post.

We came across this grizzly as we were driving over the Highwood Pass in August.  There was a female with 2 yearling cubs in the ditch.  By the time I got my truck and trailer pulled over I was well past the trio.  I was so far up the road that I was safe getting out and standing in front of my truck to take some photos.  In the first image you can see that I was a long ways away.  I had my zoom at its longest at 200mm.  I felt I would want to do some photoshop work on the images so I made sure I got the best image I could so I shot at 100 iso.  Just as I started shooting the trio turned and headed behind the tree.  I just managed to get one shot of one cub before they disappeared.  5 minutes earlier!

In photoshop I cropped to enlarge the grizzly.  I also adjusted the exposure in levels.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo: Kananaskis Grizzly

  1. I hate it when that happens, when you are just seconds late to get the shot you would like. Having said that, you did a great job in post in vastly improving the image you did manage to get. Nice work Mike.

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