Photo: Favorites from the Burstall Pass Hike

Burstall Lake

Burstall Lake along the Burstall Pass trail in Peter Lougheed Prov. Pk, Kananaskis, Alberta.  Darlene and I hiked the trail Aug. 10, 2011.  It is a long 15 km return hike with a 400 m elevation gain.  The views from the summit are worth every step of the hike.  Added to the views this year was an incredible display of wildflowers (I’ll get some photos posted later).

I bracketed this shot of the lake.  My intent was to merge 2 images in photoshop, using a sky exposure and an exposure for the lake.  When I looked at my images I realized it would not be necessary.  All I had to do was use a shadows and highlights correction.  I shot this at a wide angle with my polarizer on to darken the sky.  The wide angle helped to give me the depth of field for the foreground rocks and also the distant peaks.

Summit of Burstall Pass, storm along the Smith-Dorrien

This is my favorite view of all the summit photos.  A storm moved along to the east and south of us.  We had clear sky and sun over us.  The result is sunshine on some of the mountain faces with dark stormy skies above them.  I liked the how the lone fir tree balanced the composition.  When I checked this image on my computer I was thrilled at how the bright cloud seemed to be shinning right down on top of the fir tree.  I would like to say I planned it that way, actually I did not see it until I was at my computer.  Some luck has to be involved with capturing great images.

I bracketed this photo as well but again did not need to.  All I did was a little touch up with the shadows and highlights adjustment.  I used my polarizer to darken the already dark storm clouds.

I’ll get some more images from our trip to the Kananaskis.  In the mean time check out my images on the flickr link below to the right.


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