Photos: Lilies

Ahhh… summertime.  I love getting up early before the breeze starts and exploring Darlene’s garden with my camera.  Last year I captured some awesome images of poppies and lupines.  This year her lollypop lilies are putting on a real show.  As always I used my polarizing filter to reduce glare from the light surfaces of the flowers.  I bracketed my exposures, one at the camera reading and one f-stop up and one down.  By doing this I spend very little time in photoshop.  All I did in photoshop with these images was adjusted the exposure a slight bit with levels.  I did a little cloning to get rid of a few distracting areas.  On the bottom images I also used the highlights and shadows adjustment to darken the lilies a little in comparison to the rest of the image.  Of course I used photoshop to resize the images for loading to the web.

After a quick look at all the flowers I have shot I have some keepers so I will try to get some more loaded up here soon.  In the meantime get out and enjoy the summer blooms, the first frost is not that far away.


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