Photos: Wildflowers along the Livingstone River

View of wildflowers behind our trailer looking into the river valley

...behind the trailer

We headed down to the Livingstone in Southern Alberta July 4th for our annual week of camping and fishing.  While the fishing was slow the camping with friends and family was great.  And the wildflowers were blooming which in other years we have missed.  I think the cool spring delayed the June flowers so we were able to enjoy them in July.  All the images were hand held.  I really need to start experimenting with a tripod.  Of course when shooting flowers I always use the polarizing filter to remove glare from flowers.

Pine cones

The next two photos of the wildrose I played around with the orientation.  One vertical and one horizontal.  Which do you like?

Wildrose, vertical view

Wildrose, horizontal view

Rose bud

The Indian Paint Brush were in full bloom.

Indian Paint Brush

Indian Paint Brush

I am not sure about the clour in the above image.  I need to play around with the colour correction more.

Indian Paint Brush

I played around with the contrast for the next three images.  The results are kind of abstract.   I am not sure I like how the detail is lost in the flower.  Which one do you like?

Indian Paint Brush, medium contrast

I don’t like how the flower lost detail in the above image.

Indian Paint Brush, bright contrast

In this image the detail is better in the flower.

Indian Paint Brush, dark contrast

I like how the flower in the above image glows.

White Indian Paint Brush

Indian Paint Brush

Next post I’ll get some of the fishing and camping photos loaded.


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