Weekly Photo: Poster Image

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Poster of Horseshoe Lake Tree Reflections

This is a copy of an image I posted last week.  What I wanted to show was how I turned the image into a poster.  It actually is very easy to do in Photoshop and really makes a great looking image.  The light grey edge I put around the image to look like a mat is a little hard to see on monitors.  If you darken your monitor it will be visible.  It looks great on prints.  I have also sold this image, my first sold photo!  A lady in my wife’s office wants it for her office wall.  I don’t think I will quit my day job though.

I also wanted to let everyone know about a photo course I took the last two weeks.  It was a course on turning off the auto controls on your camera and using the manual settings for more creative control.  The course was offered by Dwight Arthurs of Photek Photography of Red Deer (see his site in my Blog roll).  Dwight has been a pro photographer for a lot of years and is passionate about photography and teaching.  The course was in his cozy studio and the class size was small giving one on one when it was needed.  Dwight was well organized and gave me a lot to think about and practice.  Much of the course I knew already, but over the years with point and shoot cameras and the great auto setting on my new camera I was not using what I knew.  Check out Dwight’s site for all of the different courses he offers and for the tips and hints he offers on his blog site.  I would recommend any course with him.


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