Weekly photo: Horseshoe Lk., Jasper

Rock Reflection, Horseshoe Lk., Jasper

Tree Reflection, Horseshoe Lk., Jasper

When I looked back through my posts I realized I had not posted any of my Horseshoe Lk., photos.  Horseshoe Lk. is a small horseshoe shaped lake (duh, do you suppose that is where is got its name?) along the highway just south of Jasper.  It is a 2 minute walk in.  You can then spend hours enjoying the many views the lake has to offer the photographer.  The ends of the horseshoe point south and you hike into the middle of the lake.  The arms of the horseshoe are very narrow.  Being in the middle allows you to photograph looking east with the sun behind in late afternoon or looking west with the sun behind in the morning.  The reflections are endless, as you see from the above two photos.  I easily have shot hundreds of images and have spent several hours enjoying photographing the lake.  Be aware that on hot afternoons you will find a lot of kids enjoying jumping off of the cliffs into the “refreshing” water.  But even a photographer can work around them or as I have seen some doing, photograph the jumpers.

What usually catches my eye is the big scenes with the reflections.  Last year with a lot of kids jumping creating ripples I started looking around for other images.  Darlene pointed out a small overhanging spruce tree which was glowing in the sunlight with the tourquise water below (Sept. 21, 2010 post).  As I shot it I noticed a fireweed also overhanging the water.  The ripples from the kids actually improved the water behind the fireweed.  That fireweed image has become one of my favorite images from the last two years (see it in an earlier post August 24, 2010).  I have enlarged it for framing on my office wall.  It showed that images are everywhere and can be very unexpected.  If you had asked me before I headed into the lake that day I would have said I was going to come out with an awesome reflection image.

If I ran a photo course in Jasper one of my sessions would be for everyone to spend a couple of hours photographing Horseshoe Lk.  I don’t think I will ever be able to make a trip to Jasper without a stop there.  I would like to see what it looks like in winter.  The next time you head to Jasper you owe it to yourself to stop.  If your spouse is not a photographer they will enjoy finding a special spot on one of the cliffs to sit back and enjoy the peaceful scene.


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