Weekly Photo: Beautiful Feb. Sunday Morning

Mike Kapiczowski, 2011

Mike Kapiczowski, 2011

Mike Kapiczowski, 2011

Mike Kapiczowski, 2011

Mike Kapiczowski, 2011


I have been walking 4 to 5 km everyday to lose weight and get into shape.  I love weekends because I can go for my walk in the morning rather than when I get home from work.  Everything seems so much more fresh and bright in the morning and it is such a nice way to start the day.  Last night there was a heavy snowfall.  The flakes were big and fluffy.  This morning the sky was clear making last nights snowfall sparkle.  So before I got down to serious walking I grabbed my camera and spent 30 minutes enjoying the scenes given to me.  All of these images are from along our lane way.  When I walk the lane and am treated to these kind of views I realize how blessed I am to live where I do.

For the last couple of months a lot of folks have been complaining about the snow and cold.  While I do not like cold I do love the snow and snowfalls like last night (as long as I do not have to drive anywhere).  I always feel there is something magical about a nice snowfall and then a blue sky with the temperature rising like today.  The fresh snow covers the old and creates a clean slate.

I also surprised our local cow moose and her calf.  They were on the neighbour’s front yard, enjoying the tasty bushes the neighbours  have planted.  I don’t think they expected anyone would be out bothering them early on a Sunday morning.

Of course I was able to use the polarizer on all the shots to enhance the blue sky.  I did very little photoshopping on these images other than a little exposure adjusting.


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