Bonus Weekly Photo: My Valentine

My Valentine

 I realize yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  I guess better late than never.  Last night was not a Valentine’s to remember.  I came home in a bad mood from school and we were both tired from the weekend and the day.  So we vegged on the couch watching T.V.  How romantic!  Sometimes that is what is special about being with someone for almost 30 years, we can be comfortable with ordinary days.  Now that does not mean that all days have to be ordinary. 

What I love about my Valentine is she is also my friend and partner in so many ways.  We share many hobbies and interests.  As the photo shows she has become my main fishing partner and model for many great fishing photos.  She cheers and grieves over the Riders with me, although she still needs to learn that if you yell at the TV loud enough the players and coachs will hear you.  She is coming with me to hear Canmore photographer John Marriott speak this weekend.  She supports me as I pursue my many hobbies and is my biggest fan with my carvings or photos.

So here is to the special days and the ordinary days we have.  Thanks Valentine.  Love you.


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