Weekly Photo: and more Crowsnest Trees

The Crowsnest River, black and white with edging

The Crowsnest River, black and white

The Crowsnest River

This week I am showing another image from my Crowsnest collection.  This image shows the Crowsnest River in the valley below.  In the colour image the river shows up easily because of the strong blue colour.  When I converted the image to black and white the river does not stand out as well.  I like the black and white, but miss the river.  I think I would like to try selecting the river and leaving it blue and turning the rest black and white.  I’ll play around with it and if it works I’ll post the result.

Darlene had me make an enlargement of this image to decorate her new office.  I had Walmart print a 10×14 of the black and white.  I was thrilled with the job they did.  I highly recommend Walmart photo processing.  It is cheap.  I am not sure what this one print cost, but Darlene got 6 prints made, 4 10×14 and 2 larger (?) for around $40.  The quality is very good.  I am now motivated to get some enlargements made for our house.

Speaking of motivated I got my photo book back from blurb.  Awesome!  I created a book of my favorite images from 2009-2010.  I am so pleased with the result.  I selected the better quality paper and it seemed to make a huge difference.  I cannot say enough about the job blurb did.  Now I need to get the family books for 2009 and 2010 done.


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