Weekly Photo: Crowsnest Wind

Crowsnest Wind, colour

Crowsnest Wind, black and white cropped

Remember if you click on the photo you can see a larger image.

The last morning of our 2 weeks in the Oldman/Crowsnest area fishing last summer I got up early to shoot some of the great trees along ridges in the pasture that we walk through to the Crowsnest R.  The weather had been rainy and very windy the day before.  This morning the blue sky was back and the wind had not yet gotten up.  The clouds were these long streaky kinds.  Add to the clouds the bent trees and these images really convey the feeling of wind, even though this morning there was none.

I played around with the image in photoshop and cropped it to a long narrow image and converted it to the black and white which I think even increased the feeling of wind.  Of course I used a polarizer which brought out the white clouds against the blue sky.  A polarizer is not just for colour.  It will also have increased the contrast for the black and white.

This and some other images from the morning (which I will share with you later) are going to become wall hangers.

For years as I have walked through this pasture I have said I should bring my camera and spend some time taking photos.  I am so glad I finally did.  Next summer I will have to try some evening sunset images with the trees as shilohettes.


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