Weekly Photo: Daryl Benson Photo

Daryl Benson photograph

Daryl Benson photograph

So far I have always posted my own photographs in this blog.  I saw this image from Edmonton photographer Daryl Benson last week.  As soon as I saw it grabbed me.  It was one of those aha times.  To me it really shows the idea of looking for the different view or angle in your images.  This image is of Peyto Lk.  A spot probably photographed as much as Peggy’s Cove or Lake Louise and yet every image I have ever seen looks like all the rest, that is until I saw Daryl’s.  Not only did Daryl convert the classic colour image of the tourquise water to sepia, but he went under one of the viewing decks and photographed the lake from under with the hiker’s boots dangling.  You could stand on the deck all summer and watch thousands of tourist arrive by the bus loads (literally) and take the same image as every post card for sale in all the gift shops.  I doubt you would see one person a summer look for something different and actually find it like Daryl.

Thanks to Daryl for allowing me to share this image with you.  Check out his web site.  Daryl has obviously travelled the world and all of the images in his gallery show his incredible gift for seeing the “wow” in an image. http://www.darylbenson.com/

While your at it check out Darwin Wiggett’s blog.  Darwin is a photographer from Cochrane who keeps a daily photo blog, that not only is entertaining, but informative.  It was on Darwin’s site that I saw Daryl’s Peyto Lake image.  http://darwinwiggett.wordpress.com/


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