Weekly Photo: Two Waterfalls for the Price of One

Tangle Falls, Jasper

Tangle Falls, Jasper

Two views of the same waterfall, Tangle Falls in Jasper.  Like Horseshoe Lake this spot is right beside the highway so it does not involve a major hike.  You owe it to yourself to get out of your car and walk up to the falls and explore all the different angles and scenes.  Like Horseshoe I could easily spend hours in this one spot.  I started shooting the large vista of the falls and slowly began to see the closer more intimate scenes (see the last post of the rocks).  Like always when you are around falls have a cloth to dry your gear off as mist can quickly cover your lens.

Did you notice the rainbow in the bottom of the second image? 

Did you notice the trees appear to be leaning?  This is a problem with using a wide angle lens.  Objects at the edge of the image will appear to lean in.  This will become worse the wider the lens is.  There is a way to correct this some what in photoshop or you can spend a lot of money and buy a tilting lens.  Or like I do just ignore it for now.


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