Weekly Photo: Breaking the Rules

Spruce tree @ Horseshoe Lk., Jasper

We are taught in photography as well as in art that a good rule for composition is the rule of thirds.  However all those types of rules can be bent, ignored, altered, changed, etc. (I do not advise ignoring driving rules).  When I tried to move the tree into a “thirds” position it just did not look right.  What looked right to me was the centered image you see.  After all is that not what it is all about -what do you like in your images?

I did not use a tripod for this image.  I notice the rocks in the foreground are out of focus.  I should have watched this and played around with my depth of field better.

This is another image from Horseshoe Lk., Jasper.  If you are in Jasper and want to spend an hour (or more) creating some great images you just have to stop there.


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