Weekly Photo: Moose at Moose Lk., Jasper

Moose at Moose Lk., Jasper

Moose at Moose Lk., Jasper

Cow and calf moose at Moose Lk., Jasper

Cow and calf moose at Moose Lk. Jasper

Wow Parks Canada did their job -three moose at Moose Lk.  Moose Lk. is a short hike up from Maligne Lk’s. western shore.   The cow was feeding in the lake.  The calf would come out once in awhile, but it did not seem to enjoy the depth of the lake.  The cow was standing up to its neck but the calf needed to keep swimming.   The cow noticed us but did not seem concerned.  I stayed high on the bank and tried not to disturb them.  15 minutes later a single moose (perhaps a 2 year old) came walking into the lake just past where Darlene was sitting quietly.  It kind of spooked the cow, which moved to the far bank away from it.  Eventually the cow and calf moved up into the trees on the opposite bank while the other moose continued to eat.

I had carried my 50-200mm zoom lens all day and had never used it.  After the long hike up the Maligne canyon I was tired and decided to leave it in the car for the short leg stretching hike up to Moose Lk..  Darwin Wiggett in his book How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies talks about always being prepared.  He never drives the rockies without his camera handy.  One day he did not and came across some potentially great shots of wolves.  He learned the hard way by not getting the shot and I learned as well.  I can only guess what kind of images I would have gotten it I had had it with me.  Learn from experience.

To compensate for not having my zoom I shot the moose at a very low ISO to reduce noise with the hope that I would be able to crop and zoom later in Photoshop.  The results are the images you see above.  I think they turned out okay.


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