Weekly Photo (sort of): Fireweed at Horseshoe Lk., Jasper

Fireweed at Horseshoe Lk.,  Jasper

Fireweed at Horseshoe Lk., Jasper

So much for having all summer to post to my blog.  But now that summer is drawing to a close for me and I have a computer full of photos I’ll try to get back into the routine.

Darlene and I had a wonderful 3 days in Jasper last week.  The smoke from the B.C. forest fires covered the mountains.  So instead of taking lots of those mountain vista photos I focused on things closer up.  The results were pleasing.  Check out my photos that are posted on Flickr a little further down to the right on this blog.  I realized that when you are focused on those huge mountain scenes you can miss some really great details right in front of you.  I’ll post some of the results over the next few days.

Out of all the shots I took this is my favorite.  And it was just a lucky shot.  I was looking at larger views across Horseshoe Lk. when Darlene pointed out this fireweed poking out of the bank.  I love how the water ripples in the background create an abstract look.  I always look at paintings to see how real they look -in other words like a photo.  Here is an example of a photo starting to look like a painting.  I want to play around with it in photoshop to see what creative things I can do with it.  This image will definately be one of my greeting card ones this year.

If you have never been to Horseshoe Lk. in Jasper you owe it to  yourself.  It is 5 minute walk from the highway, but you can spend hours there enjoying the incredible variety of views and of course photographing them.

Remember you can click on the image to get a larger view.


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