Weekly Photo: Night Portrait (leave a comment)


Night Portrait

 Grads are happening everywhere rigth now so I thought I would share a great shot of Carolyn and Todd at Carolyn’s grad last year at the Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton.  To take this shot I turned off the flash and did not use the night time scene setting.  If I had left the flash on or used the night scene mode the flash would have exposed the two of them nicely but all of the background would have been blacked out.  I upped my ISO, hand held as steady as I could and told the kids to stay still. The result is a very pleasing image.  The background of the city lights is visible and the patio lights create a nice soft warm glow from the side.  I did take a few others but they are all a little out of focus because of movement.  Ideally a tripod would help, but your subject would still need to stay very still.

Happy Grads everyone.


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