Weekly Photo: Scanned and Photoshopped Photo of My Dad

Photo of my dad from the early 50's. Photoshopped.

Original scan of the photo

Over the holidays I spent some time scanning and photoshopping some old family photos.  Darlene wants to display some of them on a wall in our livingroom.  I thought I would post a few to show everyone what you can do with old photos.  The right hand one shows the original scan.  You notice it has a pinkish colour cast which alot of photos will take on and it is faded.  The left shows the photoshopped (is that a new word like goggle?) image.  I removed the colour cast.  I added colour in his hair and eyes.  I fixed the contrast and brightness levels.  I am pleased with the results.  The image was a handpainted portrait that photographers used to do.  I think my redo captures that feel.


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