Monday Morning Blahs -Beware the Ides of March

A good weekend, a bad weekend.  And now a Monday with a time change so that I am again getting up in the dark.  Thank goodness I am not Julies Ceasar today.

The Good: We had Todd and Carolyn over for a BBQ last night in celebration of Aaron’s 18th and Todd graduating from his electrical apprenticeship.  Mom drove out and also spent the evening with us.  I used the new BarBQ -it works great.  We had a feast, steak, spuds, green beans, mushrooms, shrimp and scallops and salad.  We had dessert, ice cream cake, in front of the Brier final.  Alberta’s Kevin Koe won it defeating Glen Howard.  I was pulling for Howard.  Mom brought our her photos of the Queen Charlottes.  She had some interesting shots and it looks like it was nice trip.   All in all a nice evening. 

Carolyn will be down today as Todd left for 3 weeks work in Sask.

Darlene was in Three Hills Friday night and Sat.  They are slowly getting Mabel’s house cleaned up.  She came home with a truck load of “treasures”.

Bad:  Migraine!  I had one Saturday night and woke up at 2:30 this morning with what was a really bad headache that was probably a migraine.  What the hell….

Good: I got Aaron’s I-tunes transfered to his new computer.  I also played around with some photos from last summer’s trip to Jasper.  I really am enjoying using photoshop.  I’ll post some of the reults here soon.  I am looking forward to the workshop with Wayne Lynch this weekend.

Speaking of looking forward to -Aaron’s big celebration at Aussie Rules is this Friday! 

So a real riviting Blog…  I’ll see if I can’t get more of a theme going, rather than just a journal.


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