Weekly Photo: Mt. Rundle with Fall Trees

the full image of my banner photo above.

Mt. Rundle in Sept.

 This is a shot of Mt. Rundle in Banff with the fall colours just starting in early Sept.  It was taken from a parking lot at the Banff Centre when I was there for Inside Ed’s conference Sept. 2009. A  polarizing filter on the camera captured the golden leaf colours and created the great contrasting blue sky.  No photoshop editing was needed on this shot.  I think this image is a great teaching shot.  1. It shows what a polarizing filter will do not only for the sky but also how it will enrich colours, in this case the yellow leaves.  2. It shows how important it is to move around and look for different views.  Standing in the parking lot I had trouble keeping light posts and cars out of the shot.  Once I climbed a berm up the side of a building I was able to shoot over the lights and cars and capture this image.  You would not know that just below the trees were cars.  3.  It shows the importance of revisiting sites as they are constantly changing.  This was shot Sat.  Thurs when I arrived at the Banff Centre the trees had not even started to change yet.


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